I love our neighborhood. I’m proud to call South Minneapolis my home and raise my family here. This is a community where people go out of their way to know each other’s names. Where everyone on the block chips in to help a neighbor experiencing hard times. Where progressive values thrive.


I’m running for re-election to continue the work we've started to protect our environment, make homes affordable, and eliminate unacceptable racial disparities in our city. By working together, we have an opportunity to make meaningful change. I have a proven track record of advocacy and policymaking, and I am excited to build on our collective work towards a more equitable, vibrant, and sustainable Minneapolis.


I believe government can and should be a force for good. Our community is asking for bold and proactive leadership during these extremely challenging times. I’ve spent my career fighting for equity, combating poverty, and advocating for human rights in Minneapolis and across the country. I bring together people on different sides of an issue, creating consensus despite deep divides. You can check out my Vision and Accomplishments HERE.


Our community expects this collaborative approach to ensure our City Council is doing as much as it can to improve people's lives. At a time when Minneapolis grapples with a global pandemic, racial disparities, economic inequality, and shifting demographics, you deserve a leader who moves beyond talking points and implements sensible policy solutions. You deserve a leader who will put progress ahead of politics.


So why, exactly, am I the right person to fight for you? What sets me apart?


  • I am a proven advocate for bipartisan housing policy. Before you elected me, I worked across political ideologies to pass laws that help all Minnesotans. As your City Councilmember, I’ve used this experience to ensure Ward 11 priorities are ingrained in every policy the City enacts, regardless of politics. Good policy can overcome even the starkest gridlock. 


  • I know what a well-functioning government looks like, and I am committed to ensuring Minneapolis lives up to the highest standards possible. During my first term on the City Council, I’ve asked hard questions because you deserve transparency and accountability from your government. I fought for those same values as the former Executive Director of CommonCause Minnesota before you elected me. 


  • I’m a labor-endorsed candidate committed to building economic power for working families. On behalf of a labor union in Illinois, I helped shape successful initiatives to raise the state’s minimum wage. I also authored legislation that beefed up benefits for under-insured low-wage workers. 


  • I value cooperation and I believe all voices deserve to be heard. I led the legislative strategy and campaign to abolish the death penalty in Illinois, a process through which I engaged with diverse communities to achieve a historic and mutually beneficial result. 


  • I’m happy to get wonky on your behalf. I’m an attorney, and as a leader and board member of multiple nonprofits, I understand budgeting processes and data analysis. Effective city leaders embrace the nitty-gritty details of policymaking to ensure that policies enacted will work for everyone. 


  • I’m available and responsive! You deserve a City Council member that is approachable and accessible.Please reach out and let me know what issues are on your mind. I want to know what matters to you. I've had over XXX public town halls during my time in office, and I'm always available at jeremy.schroeder@minneapolismn.gov.


My wife and I are thrilled to have put down permanent roots in South Minneapolis. Our two young sons are thriving here. Our dreams are here. Our future is here. I want to continue working with you to make this a vibrant community for everyone as your City Council member.


I have dedicated my life to servant leadership because I truly believe that building successful and inclusive coalitions are vital to our community’s future. If we are to move forward, we must do so together.