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Everyone deserves a safe, stable, and affordable place to live.

Shaping a more equitable, fairer housing market must be a top priority, and during my time on the City Council I’ve moved us closer to this goal.

I’ve put affordable housing within reach for more of our neighbors by requiring affordable units in new developments, encouraging the preservation of affordable housing units by requiring advanced notice of the sale of affordable housing, and ensuring Minneapolis is innovating new ways to meet the urgent need for affordable housing in a more environmentally sustainable way.

We still have a lot more work to do, and I want to build on this progress in the years ahead.

How We Do This:
  • Continue to expand housing options, especially for our neighbors with the lowest incomes

  • Implement innovative solutions to meet the needs of our unhoused neighbors, including new housing models that support a transition from homelessness to permanent housing

Ways I’ve Led on Affordable Housing During My First Term
  • Co-authored the Advanced Notice of Sale for Affordable Housing ordinance

With the hot housing market, many affordable homes are sold quick and can displace vulnerable tenants.  The speed and lack of public notice also prevents nonprofits from being able to put an offer in.  Advanced Notice gives tenants three months of protections and alerts potential nonprofit buyers of a sale.  Read ordinance here.

  • Secured a record amount of funding for the Affordable Housing Trust Fund

New policies are needed to create a fairer housing market, but only ample and consistent funding will build more affordable housing. Every year I've been on Council, we have committed record amounts to the Affordable Housing Trust Fund.  Read more here.

  • Focus on innovation in building new homes through manufactured home production and code changes

The costs of the way we typically build homes has gone up and is not coming down. We need to innovate to be able to create more affordable and environmentally sustainable homes.  Read more here.

  • Championed the Inclusionary Zoning Policy

The inclusionary zoning policy increases the production of affordable housing units in new residential development projects in Minneapolis.  The policy is one of several strategies the City has implemented to address the affordable housing crisis.  Inclusionary zoning is essential to building a healthy housing economy, ensuring new development aligns with the City’s goals and values, especially affordability and equity. Read more here.

  • Championed access to affordable home energy improvements

Helped lead work in adopting a system called Inclusive Financing which would expand access to energy and solar home improvements to those with low credit and/or those renting.  Read about it here.

  • Co-Authored  deeply affordable housing ordinance

Co-authored ordinance to allow innovative deeply affordable and energy sustainable housing throughout the City.  Read the press release here.

Many Housing Advocates are Proud to Call Ward 11 Home.

I will continue to make time to hear everyone’s housing concerns. During the discussion around 2040, I held over a dozen townhalls to get input from our neighbors.  Because of these discussions, I authored an amendment that would restrict new development in our ward and throughout the city to the same setbacks and height to what is currently allowed. 

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