I've spent my career successfully advocating for progressive policy. I know what works, and I know what doesn't. Ward 11 deserves proven leadership, not just rhetoric.
  • I believe in progress over politics. Making meaningful change requires tenacity, empathy and humility. I will work for my constituents, and check my ego at the door.
  • I will be available to you. Representing Ward 11 at City Hall means being responsive to all residents, business owners and other stakeholders -- not just the ones who already know their way around City Hall.
  • I will advocate for maximum transparency as part of City Council processes. The public deserves to understand what's going on and who is involved.
Equity/Working Families

Our city's work to elevate working families can't stop now. I've spent my career working with unions, building coalitions, and passing policy that increases equity in our local economy.


  • I believe our city leaders must place Minneapolis' stark racial and economic disparities at the center of every policy decision.

  • I support expanded efforts to identify workforce gaps, especially in historically under served communities, and partner with local employers to fill them. Workforce development programs like STEP Up need to be front and center in our strategy.

  • I will keep our focus on rising costs, including but not limited to housing, transportation, childcare, and healthcare. A minimum wage hike is a start, but it can't be the only answer to these mounting problems

  • Learn more about my vision for working families here.


Minneapolis needs a housing  policy expert like me who knows how to make real fixes that expand affordable housing development and preservation, and promote a healthier housing economy.


  • I will fight to deepen reserves available in the Affordable Housing Trust fund, a critical funding pool that enables new affordable units. I also support increased funding for efforts to preserve our increasingly vulnerable existing affordable rentals.

  • I will push to modernize Minneapolis zoning rules to allow more housing density, particularly in neighborhood interior communities dominated by single-family homes. In Ward 11, this will especially benefit our growing senior popultation.

  • I support funneling taxes or fee increases on housing growth into development that supports mixed-income communities. I am open to a tax increase to further support affordable housing.

  • Learn more about my housing vision here.


Progressive leadership means serious climate action. I support bolder sustainability initiatives to protect us from regulatory rollbacks at the state and federal levels.


  • I will work to ensure our city's operations are powered by renewables, including through the installation of solar panels on municipal buildings.

  • I am dedicated to growing our local clean energy economy, and pledge to ensure broad access to its benefits (including cost savings and job creation) -- particularly among low-income residents.

  • I will push for policies that promote energy-efficient density and active transportation, two important and under-utilized strategies for combating climate change at the local level.

  • Learn more about my sustainability vision here.


As Minneapolis grows, now is the time to take decisive action on policies that ensure our city will enjoy a robust local economy now and in the future.


  • I will make sure city policies align with the needs of local businesses, and commit to conduct outreach with local business owners as part of the policymaking process.

  • I pledge to promote and expand programs that help more Minneapolitans start businesses and thrive, including through incubators and other dedicated business development initiatives. That includes firming up our city's commitments to contract with women- and minority-owned businesses.

  • I will push for increased oversight and expansion of full-time staff working to help business owners navigate City Hall.

  • Learn more about my vision for local businesses here.

Public Safety

Minneapolis is at a vital crossroads, and I will act quickly to vet and implement meaningful improvements to public safety -- especially relations between the police and the community. This work is all about building coalitions, something I have done for two decades.


  • I will work toward a culture shift at the Minneapolis Police Department, including by tying city dollars to meaningful investment in community policing reforms.

  • I will bring diverse stakeholders to the table, including those who have been advocating at the grassroots level, to map out strategies for improving police-community relations.

  • I know we need significant overhaul of our broken system -- not just new policy in name. Whatever we implement has to work for all Minneapolis residents.

  • I will seek adequate funding for all safety services that reflects community needs, from firefighters to snow removal for cyclists and pedestrians.

  • Learn more about my vision for better policing here.

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