Minneapolis has some of the worst racial disparities in the country, a legacy we cannot allow to continue. Our BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) neighbors have historically felt the deepest impacts of our affordable housing crisis, climate change and criminal justice system. Good intentions are not enough to set a different, more equitable trajectory for our City. We must focus on creating equitable outcomes in everything the City does. 


Minneapolis must lead by example. Fostering an equitable society is the key to overcoming the challenges of our time, from building an economy where everyone’s work is valued, to limiting our impact on the environment, and creating a public safety system that keeps everyone safe. Now, in these difficult economic times, focusing on racial justice is more critical than ever.



  • Ensure community engagement is accessible and inclusive, especially within BIPOC communities that have historically been left on the sidelines

  • Promote policies that help to undo the legacy of redlining and racism in our housing market, to expand affordable housing and homeownership opportunities for everyone in Minneapolis

  • Continue to implement changes that ensure our public safety system works for every single person in Minneapolis, recognizing its long history of harm to communities of color



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