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We are a Community That Cares About All of Our Neighbors

We are a community that cares for everyone, not just the loudest people in the room. We need someone who can work across lines of difference and deliver results. That is why I will continue to work to listen to and address your hopes and concerns, actively engage in our community, create real solutions that represent and advocate for our neighbors, and earn your trust by being open and available to you, my neighbors in Ward 11.

My priority is to be available to you. Representing Ward 11 at City Hall means being responsive to all residents, business owners and other stakeholders — not just the ones who already know their way around City Hall. I always advocate for maximum transparency as part of City Council processes. The public deserves to understand what's going on and who is involved. Ultimately, this job is all about being of service to you, my neighbors in Ward 11.  


Our community deserves a powerful advocate for Ward 11 on City Council. Someone who has years of experience—both as a community member and as a policy advocate. Our community needs someone who knows how to show up and get things done. I’m prepared to continue to show up and be a voice for Ward 11. I pledge to continue to listen to you, build community relationships, hold open conversations, and be transparent about what and how decisions are being made. 

In My Next Term in City Council, I Pledge to:
  • Improve City processes to make them as accessible as possible for Ward 11 residents

  • Continue to meet neighbors where they are, including by offering regular office hours and weekly newsletters

  • Prioritize the needs of our seniors so they can continue to live both independently and with support in our community

What I’ve Accomplished for Ward 11 During My Time in Office:
  • Hosted over 90 public events as well as published weekly newsletters to keep Ward 11 informed. Communication and accessibility are key.    

  • Expanded Funding to Support Seniors—Secured $140,000 in funding for aging support services in this year’s City budget. My colleagues unanimously supported this measure, which represents a $60,000 funding increase for Minneapolis’ four senior service centers – including Nokomis Healthy Seniors, which serves our Ward 11 community.

  • Brought the Healthy Aging Resource Fair to South Minneapolis—At this inaugural event, more than 100 attendees heard from more than a dozen local organizations about Medicare planning, brain health, fraud and scam prevention, and more. 

  • Brought healthy food options to Bossen residents—Authored change to mobile food ordinance to allow mobile healthy food market in Bossen area.  Read the ordinance here.

  • Brought safety improvements to the intersection of Cedar and Edgewater. Worked with the county, Park Board and neighbors to host community forms, recommend improvements, and implement new safety measures.


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