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The science is clear: we need serious, dedicated action at all levels of government to combat climate change.


As your City Council Member, I have led efforts to formally declare a Climate Emergency in Minneapolis, and continue to push for policies that empower people in our community to take climate action in their own lives.


Under my leadership, Minneapolis climbed to the #4 spot in a prestigious national ranking of U.S. cities’ energy policy. This is thanks in large part to the nationally recognized Residential Energy Disclosure provision I authored that provides all Minneapolis residents — homeowners and renters — reliable information about the energy efficiency of their homes. In addition, I led efforts to implement a Sustainable Building Policy that ensures all projects that receive City assistance meet high sustainability standards, a benefit for our entire community.


I’ve advocated for tougher yet pragmatic goals to reduce harmful greenhouse gas emissions in our community and protect Minnesota's precious natural resources. Members of our community deserve opportunities and support to take climate action in their own lives. That’s why I’ve championed City programs that provide interest-free loans for residents who make cost-saving energy improvements, and that empower small businesses to benefit from our growing clean energy economy. With information and support, our entire community can continue to contribute to a cleaner, greener Minneapolis. 


Ways I’ve Led on Sustainability During My First Term:

  • Co-authored the Sustainable Building Policy which sets a higher environmental standard for all buildings which get City support. Read about it here.

  • Co-authored a suite of Residential Energy Disclosure policies that ensure all Minneapolis renters and homeowners can understand the true cost of their housing and determine what energy efficiency improvements they can make to reduce energy use and carbon emissions. Read more about it here.  Due in large part to this policy, Minneapolis moved up to the #4 ranking on the City Clean Energy Scorecard and you can view the scorecard here.

  • Served as a Clean Energy Partnership board member, pushing our local monopoly utilities to act in the public interest and help residents and business owners reduce both their greenhouse gas emissions and their energy bills.

  • Climate Action Funding: Recognizing we need to do all we can to support the City’s climate action initiatives, I worked with Council Member Cam Gordon in the City budgeting process to invest an additional $350,000 in climate initiatives in 2020. See the budget summary here.


Ways I’ll Continue to Champion for Sustainability:

  • Ensure everyone in our community, regardless of income, can benefit from our growing clean energy economy.

  • Continue to implement and refine the Minneapolis Climate Action Plan to ensure our community meets the challenge of the climate crisis.

  • Require any new construction in Minneapolis meets the highest possible climate and energy standards.

  • Accelerate efforts to reduce — and ultimately eliminate — the use of harmful fossil fuels.

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